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Portable with Stairs
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At BTU, safety isn't a by-product. 

It IS our product.

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Model PWS08 -- This Band Towers Unlimited 8-foot portable tower 

with stairs is our new practice and performance podium.  It offers 

EASY maneuverability along with terrific stability, supported by 

three outriggers.  This model also has a front wheel-set for manual 

positioning of the trailer. Optional diamond-plate boxes and

performance flooring makes this a multi-use unit!


Ben Davis High School's New PWS08 looks sharp in glossy black.

PWS16 & PWS20

Model PWS20 -- This Band Towers Unlimited 

20-foot portable tower with stairs is our new favorite portable!  

It offers easy portability along with outstanding safety, 

supported by four outriggers.


Fowler Middle School in Texas is the temporary location of Liberty High School. Their tower looks like this when it is folded down for transport:

Pretty cool, huh?



Anderson Highland's new PWS20 is ready for use...











or transport.



This tower at Fort Wayne Snider (IN) could be 

modified with storage units and your school color!

In its transport position, this unit will fit under bridges 

and overpasses, so you could even take it to camp.

Key Benefits


Great view

Top level is 16' or 20' to the platform


Mid-level may be used for other staff members, depending upon placement 



Unit pivots down for transport or storage


Push-button hydraulic lift mechanism


Safety, safety, safety

42" railings around both levels


Galvanized diamond grip-strut on all horizontal surfaces



Four people can view at the same time


Two per level


Multiple uses (See "What's New" for some ideas)


Stairs instead of ladders allow almost anyone to use this tower



Clear poly chart rack 


Logo panels for the sides


Paint your tower in your school colors!


Flag sockets can be bolted to the top railing

Interested in a tower like this one?  

Email (delete -removethis- from address)

Visit our: 

Click to find out:       

What's New?

Click to hear our theme song: "Pinnacle"  

by Bill Locklear 

ASCAP 1991 



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