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At BTU, safety isn't a by-product. 

It IS our product.

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Portable with Stairs Fixed with Stairs Fixed with Ladder Custom Models

Band Towers Unlimited takes great pride in the production of fine personnel towers.  Made of sturdy materials and engineered for safety and peace of mind, our towers are proudly presented:

Model FWS12, FWS16, FWS20, 

FWS24, FWS28 or FWS32

Fixed, permanent tower with stairs and two or more viewing levels depending upon height:  You choose from  12, 16, 20, 24, 28, or 32-foot towers.  

Models PWS08, PWS16 & PWS20

Portable 8-foot has a single level and is easily maneuverable. The 16 and 20-foot towers have two 30" X 55" viewing levels, stairs, and multiple features. All three are towable at highway speeds!

Models: CN16, 20, or 24  FWL16, 20, or 24 FWL1018

FWL1018 has ladder access to two 3' X 5' platforms, while FWL16, 20 or 24-foot towers have a single 4' X 8' galvanized platform.

Both have locking doors to help prevent unauth- orized access.

Model PWS26 

Premium transportable 26-foot tower with two   4 X 8 viewing levels, stairs, and multiple features-- towable at speeds up to 20 m.p.h.

Custom Models

Let us design a tower especially for you...with balconies or even a roof!  Whatever says, "This is our band tower."


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What's New?

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by Bill Locklear 

ASCAP 1991 



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